It’s a myth that you can’t pack out new stylists as you don’t have enough clients.

Our Salon Jedi Clients know that you can hire a great stylist and pack them out in record time as long as you are following our proven system to do so.

At my own salon we hire new stylists with ZERO client base and we pack them out using our New Stylist Column Packer System.

This system starts by taking the new stylists wages, imputing it into a chart and it calculates your stylist targets for you. I created this formula many years ago to take away the fear from the salon owner that they could afford to take on a new stylist with zero clients.

It is a simple system salon owner and managers can use to set staff targets and pack out new stylists in 12 weeks. Once the targets have been set they then have marketing tools and strategies for you and your stylists to hit the ground running and pack out their column

One aspect of the system is the new stylist growth charts and here is why they are important.

  • Growth Sheet – Your stylist doesn’t have to understand the financial workings of the salon, but they can easily track their targets you have set for them on a growth chart. This helps them see exactly what they must bring into the salon by way of services, for example – How many clients, how many colours, how much retail…etc.
  • Example – Let’s say your stylist charges £30 for a cut and design.I would expect their bill to be £5 cheaper than this when they first start as they may be offering introductory discounts = an average bill of £25.

If the stylist has to take in £350 to reach their week 1 target: £350 divided by average bill of £25 = 14 clients. Then divide the 14 clients by the number of days worked e.g. 5 = 2-3 clients per day.

Don’t worry our target charts are set to work this out or you all you have to do is input the wages and price of a haircut and the formula automatically sets it all or you.

You can then break the target down to your stylist and make it very clear what they need to do to achieve it:

1 client in the morning and 1 in the afternoon Tuesday – Thursday

2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon Friday and Saturday.

Your stylist can then refer back to their growth chart and evaluate how well their targets have been met. The growth chart automatically goes red or black if they are over or under target.

If you would like more information on how to pack out new stylists you can read more here: