Today’s blog post covers 4 ways of marketing to your existing salon clients which is 7-10 times cheaper than trying to attract NEW clients to your salon.

  1. Posters in Salon – Grab your existing client’s attention on offers/deals by having marketing and posters around the salon. A great headline could be enough to get your clients to ask more questions. For example it could say “Ask us how to get your next haircut FREE”. Then when they ask, you tell them about your referral club where they gain £10 in their account for each client they send you. So if they send you 4 clients before their next visit their next haircut in effect would be FREE (If you charge £40)
  2. Direct Mail Letters to Lost Clients – If you’ve got the contact details of your lost clients then you need to write to them and try to nudge them to come back to the salon.  Tell them about the ‘Brilliant new stylist’ that is starting.  This is why it is so important to collect data from your clients.  It is easier and cheaper to reignite a lost client that attracting a brand new client who doesn’t know you. We have a 3 Step Lost Client kit we use which you can too as it is included in our Beginner Bootcamp Course here
  3. Newsletter and Email – Again this is why it is so important to build your existing client data base and also gather subscribers from your website. When someone opts in to your subscribers list for your newsletter they are saying they WANT you to market to them. They are warmed up and way more likely to return and buy again from you than attracting a new client. Newsletters are great for filling late white space too so get into the habit of newsletters.
  4. Text Alert – Just a simple call to action.  For example: ‘ATTENTION – New International Stylist offering FREE Hairdressing at (web address), or FREE HAIRDRESSING with New Super Stylist call now for details (number). Just give enough info to grab your existing client’s attention then give call to action. Once they do call you can explain its buy one get one FREE with your new stylist for example, so it encourages them to bring a friend. You may make that the terms of the BOGOF deal that one must be new to the salon.

Now that you’ve learned 4 ways to Market to your existing salon clients, you can start applying these methods straight away.

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