Today’s blog post is all about knowing your salon numbers and why it’s so important.

Here are 3 examples

Salon Numbers Numbers Example 1:

Let’s say your salon target is £300,000 per year and you have 7 stations and 3 full time stylists.

  • 300,000 divided by 46 working weeks = £6,521 per week
  • Divided by 3 = £2,173 per stylist, per week

Think about whether this is a realistic target? Maybe you need another stylist to reduce the workload:

  • 4 stylists = £1,630 per stylist, per week
  • 5 stylists = £1,303 per stylist, per week

Salon Numbers Example 2:

Let’s say your current salon stylist is bringing in £1,000 per week and you want them to bring in £1,280 per week:

  • Work out how many more clients they need to make up the £280
  • 280 divided by average bill of £35 = 8 more clients per week, or 1-2 more clients per day. You can then tell your stylist that in order to reach their targets and have a pay rise they need to bring in 1-2 more clients per day it sounds doable right?

Salon Number Example 3:

If you are servicing 1000 clients per year at an average bill of £35 and average of 3 visits per year = £105,000 annual turnover.

In order to increase this to £300,000 you need an extra £195,000. If you divided this by our example average bill of £35 = 5,571 more visits you will need

Divide the 5571 by 3 visits per client = 1857 more clients per year visiting 3 times is what you need to hit your target.

If the population of your area is 50000 with 50 salon = 1000 clients per salon

1,000 clients = 2% of the population

3000 clients =  6% of the population

Is this a realistic target for your salon? YES in this example but you might find to get your target you may need an unrealistic % in an over saturated market so do your research.

Now go take a look at your numbers because knowing your salon numbers is essential when you are growing a salon and team.