There are so many salon marketing angles and offers to choose for marketing a new stylist that it’s often hard to know what to go for.

But we are highlighting just 4 Ways to Market a New Salon Stylist in today’s blog

Begin by looking at what you have.

  • What are your New Stylist’s Strengths? Think about what their skills are and highlight them in your marketing. Are they great at finding the right look for clients and putting clients at ease? Rather than looking at the whole try to focus in on their specialty.
  • Ask them – What is their previous training, awards, session styling, fashion shows, photo-shoots, years’ experience etc. Once you have this knowledge you can start to put together a marketing campaign.  Try and find an angle – For example: Has the stylist worked abroad? If so, you can call them an International stylist!Maybe they have cut a celebrities hair – include this in your marketing as ‘Celebrity Stylist’ Have they trained with a renowned stylist?  You want to try to build them up as the Super Stylist they are.
  • What Areas do they Specialise In – Do they fill a niche? For example – Are they a Colouring Expert? If so, try and make them more unique – call them a Blonding Expert or Balayage Specialist. Are they a Cutting Specialist? Then why not call them a Re-design Expert or a Curly Hair Specialist? It makes them appeal to a niche marketwho wants to go blonde or have curly hair or want a redesign.  You want to make your salon different to everyone else by offering a unique service and you want to find niche strengths in your team too.
  • Why Free Hairdressing Can Make You Rich – If you don’t have an advertising budget then free hairdressing is something you should really consider. For example:  If a client comes to your salon for 2 years and visits 8 times a year, at £40 a visit = £640 value.  You have to consider whether it’s worth offering the first visit free – Of course it is!  By offering a free hair cut you are advertising your new stylist.  If you can manage to get 10 new clients a month by offering this free hairdressing = 10 x 640 = £6,400! It’s definitely worth your while to do the first haircut for free.  Don’t think about the price of the free haircut. If it means 10 new clients come to the salon every month for a year = £6,400 x 12 = £76,800 their lifetime value! It is an INVESTMENT!

Now that you’ve leaned 4 Ways to Market a New Salon Stylist why not get to action with your marketing campaign.