Salon Upgrades are vital to grow your average bill and salon business for both the salon owner and stylist.

When creating salon upgrades which will increase the average bill make sure everyone benefits from it, especially the client. They should be able to see the value.

VERY IMPORTANT. All staff should experience the treatments and products they are selling on themselves and be trained in them to able to sell them. When you love it you can prescribe it properly. We let our teams try new treatments we get in like smart bond or olaplex for example and we do a take home swap. Everyone takes home products for a day or 2 then takes them back in to swap and try something else. That way they really get to know the products and treatments.


Treatment Upgrade– The easiest upgrade to offer where the client gets smoother, shinier or fuller hair. Add extra value to the upgrade it so it can’t be refused!

Example 1 – have in salon conditioning treatment today (value £10) and get your professional shampoo to take home half price’ – then you can also upsell the conditioner too to compliment the shampoo. As the client is only paying half for the shampoo, the £10 paid for the treatment more than covers the discount and the treatment costs so little to apply. So more money in the till for the salon and stylist and the client gets great customer service and value, so everyone is a winner.

Example 2 – Offer a 3 for 2 package on treatments bought in advance – so for example you sell 3 x £10 treatments for £20. Then the 3rd time they come in, when it’s free, you can offer to upgrade them to a DELUXE treatment for an extra £5 where you use a premium product , give extra head massage with added heat for ten minutes (applied by an assistant). That would give you a total of £25 in the till for each sold who then go on to have the DELUXE upgrade at the 3rd treatment visit. The upgrade never ends J

You can also add extra bonuses to help sell your upgrades e.g. ‘everyone who has a treatment this week will be entered into a prize draw to win some styling products, masques or month free of treatments in salon (you decide the prize to fit your business).

Get into the habit of offering upgrades to increase your salon average bill because if you just add £3 onto the average bill of your salon and you do 100 clients per week, that’s £300 MORE in your till each week, that’s £15,000 more a year over 50 weeks of the year, WOW.

By Carla Zebrowski