The hardest part of being a salon owner is managing people and trying to build a motivated inspired Salon Team. So many struggles can arise with so many personalities in a team not to mention the involvement of emotions.

As humans we are emotional beings which means we can take things personally and lose focus when trying to motivate our teams. Clashes of personality types can cause mayhem in the salon and can completely drain the energy and positivity of the salon owner.

Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel when issue after issue arises within your salon team? Do you increasingly find it hard to build team motivation? Let’s face it, you are probably too busy doing all the other jobs while running your salon like being a hairdresser, book keeper, stock controller all while trying to balance the books .WOW that’s a lot of roles to play.

No wonder salon owners find it so difficult when no one teaches us how to motivate our teams and we have no support around us to keep us on track!
It is after years of struggle myself that I realised the big secret of building motivated salon team players. This ONE secret holds the key to unlocking your full potential in your new role as a Salon Superstar Maker.

What’s the golden rule?
Only hire people who share your values. If you build a team that share your passion and values you are half way to creating the Dream Team. You then just need to follow the team motivation rules
T = Thank
E = Educate
A = Acknowledge
M = Mentor
S = Share
(See more on these 5 rules of team motivation here)

If you follow the above principles it is so much easier to motivate your salon team when they already share your values.

So remember the easy way to motivate your salon team is hire those who share your values and your job will be so much easier to inspire them.