Wow what a dream year 2015 for me winning 4 TOP industry awards. Last year  I was nominated for a grand total of 19 awards and won

  • British Hairdressing Awards Scottish Hairdresser of the Year at our Debut
  • Best British Photographic Stylist by the NHF at my Debut
  • British Hairdressing Business Awards Best Front of House Team the first time we have entered this category
  • Creative Heads Most Wanted Business Thinker for the second time

Any one  of these accolades would be something to truely celebrate but to win all 4 was a dream come true and is testimony to how far you can go with the right mindset and focus behind you.

I decided to win Scottish Hairdresser 5 years ago but at the time I had no funds to shoot, no experience and didn’t have a clue where to start. I made the decission to make growing my then failing salon business my priority with the intention of

  • building the business to save it from closure
  • gaining experience and building a path others could follow along the way
  • saving growing funds to be in a position to do a photo shoot at the highest level

Last year for the first time , with my Art team behind me and one of my Designers who had joined the team as a gradaute just 3 years before, we took control of our first, very own, shoot at this level for the British Hairdressing Awards . It was the first time we had even attended the awards and WE WON.

This win followed my NHF Best British Photographic Stylist award ealier in the month making it 2 business award wins and 2 creative award wins at the highest level showing skills in both arenas.

I am a real Salon Owner and experienced hairdresser that turned my creativity into business while it was needed then  back to the creative plane when the time was right. If you dream of awards at this level I would be happy to help.

I offer awards training how to write award entries to how to plan for the year ahead. I have also been a judge the past 2 years for Creative Head so I know from the other side the judging process.

If you want to know how to win the biggest industry awards please get in touch for more information on how I can help you .


Here’s to your salon success