Their brand new training the Mindful Salon Source Code which was set to be £297 for the course is Now 100% completely FREE for 336 salon owners across the world to help them navigate through the current climate.

The training covers mindset to work on your inner world so you come out the other side stronger than ever.

The fear is real for many salon owners right now so now you can use this time to empower your mind rather than focus on fear and scarcity.

The training helps you find your Unique Selling Purpose and niche as well as teachings on how your brain and current programming is linked to creating your success .

It gives you a framework of mindfulness for you and your team to work to as part of your core values. The training can be delivered to your team like Caroline does with her team.

In 2019 Caroline’s own salon had record results in many areas including only 1% sickness and their highest salon takings ever plus:

🔥 Highest Stylist takings of over £6650 in a week
🔥 Highest salon week takings of over £22,809
🔥 Highest salon months takings of over £52,809

Caroline puts results down to the mindset work she has been delivering to the team.

Caroline herself is in John Assaraf’s mastermind group and flies out to San Diego 3 times a year to learn from the mindset master who is a New York Times best selling author and you may know him from being an expert in the film and book the Secret.

We asked Caroline why she was giving away her brand new training for free she replied:

“Back in 2009 I was almost closing my salon doors due to the recession I nearly lost everything . Here I am now having closed my salon doors with hundreds of thousands of other salons across the world.

It was mindset that helped me get through the recession and I believe it’s crucial for us all to use our mind wisely to get us through these uncertain times. I want to do what I can to help”.

To access Caroline’s M.i.n.d.f.u.l Salon Source Code Training for Free go to:

Use the code: Free-Mind at check out to get 100% discount.

You will have full access to your training while we are going through these difficult times.

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