Are you a Salon Entrepreneur or looking to become a Salon Entrepreneur?

What even is a salon entrepreneur? Our Master Jedi Caroline shares her take on being a  salon entrepreneur in todays salon blog.

When you search the meaning of entrepreneur you will find ‘a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.’ Or ‘someone who starts their own businessespecially when this involves seeing a new opportunity:’

So really, if you are someone who has started their own salon business who put in investment (financial risk) to get it off the ground, you are a salon entrepreneur.

However we all have different meanings of what we think a salon entrepreneur is. The word entrepreneur may bring you images of someone already making a lot of money in their business, who maybe has multiple businesses already.

You may or may not see yourself as a salon entrepreneur and you might have limiting beliefs around calling yourself a salon entrepreneur especially if you feel you are not established or successful enough in your head but the fact is, if you have taken a financial risk to start your own salon business then you ARE a salon entrepreneur.