Salon Team work is essential if you are looking for a smooth running salon. Your team are what makes your salon tick and when you have a passionate motivated team you know you have a happy salon.

Less team stress and more team work = happy team, happy salon owners and happy clients.

So how do you build a happy motivated team? Here are Salon Jedi’s 5 top tips on Salon Team Motivation.

T = Thank. A little thank you to your team goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be a big expensive thankyou gift that leaves you thinking “I can’t afford to give more thanks this week☺”, just those words ‘thank you’ go a long way. Make it part of your salon ethos and team culture that EVERYONE in the team use the word on a regular basis. Make sure you do it too; this can be by way of a personal thank you note or message to a team member or the whole salon team for work well done. You can introduce a Rock Star of the Week thank you or a book of thanks where teams can write messages of thanks to each other when a colleague does something to help them.

E = Educate. To empower your team is to educate them. When your team see you invest in them to help them grow and develop most will appreciate your belief in them and it grows their self-worth and self-value. A team with a higher self-worth will be more motivated to do well than a group of uneducated fearful stylists. When low self-worth kicks in that’s where you will find your saboteurs lurking in the staff room ready to pounce on their pray to convert them into bitching and moaning rather than thanking and communicating. Motivate your salon team with education

A = Acknowledge. You must acknowledge great work and loyalty. You can do this with rewards like salon awards. This doesn’t need to be a big expensive affair. We do this each year where we create our own salon team awesomeness awards where everyone gets a certificate of awesomeness for what they are the best at. We also acknowledge great work with rewards like promotion. We have a career ladder all the salon team can climb which motivates them to perform at the next level.

M = Mentor. Be a mentor to your team. Lead by example and make your passion always be at the forefront as passion is contagious to other passionate people. Let’s face it some team members are impossible to mentor as nothing inspires them and they don’t care for passion they care for ‘easy’, they don’t value best they value engaging in gossip. These are the leopards that you KNOW will never change their spots as they are too busy focusing on the worst to even think about it!
If you have one of these in your team you need to get the wheels in motion to carry them out the door. FAST

S = Share. Share the salon success with your team. If you enter awards give your team the opportunity to be a part of it too. If your salon grows share the success with your team through education, rewards and opportunities. Don’t keep all the good stuff to yourself SHARE SHARE SHARE.

Always invest profits back into your salon team . They will appreciate and respect that you do. They shouldn’t mind you have having success as the salon owner as you are the once dealing with all the hard stuff and who has invested their life savings and time with family because of your dedication to your salon and your team. When they see the team can benefit with extra rewards as the salon grows they are more likely to grow together towards common goals.

You get back what you put out life so when motivating your salon team make sure you are following these 5 principles of great work ethic which are thanking, educating, acknowledging, mentoring and sharing. This will begin to install a culture of team work, team motivation and team results that are improved due to a rising of self-worth and team work ethics.