Forget everything that you thought you knew about salon business. Let’s face it, if everything you had been doing so far had been working, you wouldn’t be here right now reading this. Open your mind to embrace the changes and new knowledge you will receive on your wonderful Salon Growth Journey.

Before you start building anything you need to lay the foundations – You can’t build your business on shaky ground.

You need to strip back your business and get back to strengthening your foundations with these 9 strategies for sustained growth.

Salon Success is a journey. Let the salon transformation begin.


The Journey

1 Prepare – As with any journey, the first thing you need to do is prepare. You need to look at yourself, your staff and your salon. Take a good long hard look at everything and everyone. Are there members of your staff controlling your salon? Maybe you’re scared to say anything because you’re worried they might leave? Think about your staff members – who are the good ones? Who are the ones who need some work? How have you been performing? Be honest!

Take a step back and ask yourself…if I could go back and do it all differently     what would I change? What would I do different? Who would I still hire?

2 Plan your Route – You will also need to plan the route you are going to take. You need to make sure you know what you want from your business. Once you know this you will be able to research and create strategies to make sure you achieve your goals. For example do you want to fast track to the NO 1 salon in your town or city? Winning awards could be part of your strategy for this or hiring a Salon Mentor / Coach who can get you there faster.

3 Take your First Step – everything you learn on your journey will need to be implemented into your salon. Knowledge is nothing without implementation. As you study, be it via blogs like this, consulting with a coach or training courses like Beginners Marketing Bootcamp be prepared to take your first steps on what you learn.

4 Stay Focused on your Destination – You need to make sure you stay focused on your goals like being the NO1 Salon in your Town or City. You need to put a system in place that will ensure that you implement your strategies. If you know the direction that you are meant to be going, you will arrive at your destination… YOUR GOALS!

5 Know what you want – make sure you are specific with your goals. Write them down and set a time frame. For example – ‘This time next year I will have two extra stylists, fully booked, working in my salon.’ Writing down your goals is proven to help you reach them faster. You get more of what you focus on and attract to you what you give your energy to. So give your energy to your goals.

If you are interested in learning more about mindset and attraction laws for salon success the Jedi Journey is a great place to start.

6 Question Yourself – Ask yourself why you’re not currently running a successful business and make sure you give honest answers:

  • Do you run your salon by fear? Do you want to be the number one salon in your city? Sometimes it’s hard to actually say your goals out loud. Don’t fear admitting what you want.
  • You might worry what people will think about your goals – who care! If you know what your goals are for your salon, don’t be afraid to share them.
  • Think about what is holding you back: Do you feel guilty about working too much and not seeing your family enough? You need to decide what sacrifices you are willing to make to achieve your goals. When I set out on my own journey to salon success I was prepared to work harder for longer hours.
  • It takes a big push in the beginning but as you grow and introduce systems into your salon you free up more of your time. I no longer work on the floor and I can work as many hours and take any days off I want. My salon is no longer reliant on me to make money. I can go weeks at a time without stepping foot inside my salon and this is the power of my Salon Jedi Profit Partners Business Model.
  • Don’t let your fears run your business. You might worry about what people will think if you fail – You simply can’t think like that! You have to believe that if you set your mind to achieve something, you will be successful. Failure is not an option.

7 Are you an Action Taker or Procrastinator? Ask yourself whether you take actions or hesitate – Do you think ‘well maybe I should hire this stylist, but I might wait until…’ Or do you have confidence in your decisions? – be honest.

8 Stop Focusing on Problems and Start Focusing on Solutions – Are you someone who constantly worries about their problems in the salon and moans about them rather than taking action? You need to start being decisive and focus on finding solutions.

9 Self-belief is Key – It’s simple, if you don’t believe that something will happen, it won’t. If you believe it will, it WILL. You need to have belief in yourself and the actions you take. Think about this Henry Ford Quote

‘whether you think you can or think you can’t you are right’

If you believe that you can make your salon successful you can do it. If you believe that you won’t be a salon success then you will fail – self-belief is key!

Once you get used to taking action and having confidence in your decisions it will become second nature to you.

If you try 10 new techniques in your salon and 5 fail – so what? You take the 5 that were successful and move on.

So make sure you:

  • Know what you want
  • Start to build and create what you want in your mind’s eye first
  • Believe you will achieve it
  • Find out what’s been holding you back
  • Find out your flaws as a manager
  • Be prepared to make the changes needed for your salon transformation
  • Remember – “If you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting the same results”
  • If you don’t change what’s happening in your salon right now then why would the results change?
  • “If you want something you have never had you must be prepared to do something you have never done” Thomas Jefferson

If you feel ready for your own salon transformation why not book a FREE mentor session with me to kick start your journey.

Here’s to your Salon Success


PS Get to work now on these 9 foundations of sustained salon business growth as you can’t build a salon empire on shaky ground.