Your Salon Reception is the HUB of the Salon and therefore it’s one of the Most Important Roles to Help Run the Salon Successfully!

Reception is the first point of contact for the majority of clients by either calling or entering the salon therefore all members of reception staff must:

✔️ Look professional
✔️ Be confident
✔️ Have sales skills
✔️ Be able to multi-task
✔️ Be patient
✔️ Adapt to sudden changes
✔️ Be able to implement systems
✔️ Have authority
✔️ Have management skills
✔️ Be able to both lead and work as s team member

If an untrained or unprofessional member of salon staff answers the salon reception enquiries then they can cause more damage to your salon business than you are aware of!

Never undervalue the importance of the role of a salon receptionist.

Reception duties can include :

✔️ Diary Management
✔️ Converting Calls to bookings
✔️ Upgrading Offers
✔️ Welcome
✔️ Collecting Client Data
✔️ Offering daily specials
✔️ Maintaining Salon Reception Area
✔️ Rebooking
✔️ Closing Retail Sales
✔️ Online Booking Management
✔️ Social Media Enquiries and posts
✔️ Customer service calls
✔️ Admin Duties

A Client Manager Based at Front of House like I am can have other duties like

✔️ Client complaints
✔️ Marketing
✔️ Reports
✔️ Team Management

Just bare in mind the more your salon reception role and duties are key management duties , the more your salon reception salary will be.

If you need help to define your salon reception role and duties at your salon email