Today’s blog post is about salon marketing posters and flyers as a salon marketing tool and why you should be pursuing these as well as your digital salon marketing.

Don’t forget the seemingly ‘old fashioned’ methods STILL WORK.

Posters in Your Salon – In my salon I have my posters and flyers at reception, between stations, in the toilet and beauty room. Show a space in your salon and I am filling it with Marketing messages

You want to market to your clients during the client journey.

Make sure there’s a strong headline (Include the word FREE when you can) as it is very powerful. Think FREE BEER or FREE WINE that would grab your attention right?

Look at these examples:

Want £100 of FREE Hairdressing?

‘Our Brand new Package gets you exactly that with NO CATCHES ask your stylist for details.’

Your package for example could be a bulk offering of different services with £100 of free savings:

Your next Blowdry is FREE on us.

Ask your stylist how to leave with a FREE Blowdry Voucher today.

This could be something like… if you book your next service and pay for it in advance today we will gift you a FREE Blowdry. This can work well to secure their next visit and fill a growing stylist or graduate stylist with the blowdrys to gain experience and keep them busy.

Posters for Joint Ventures with Local Businesses – are good to help fill new or existing stylists. When I was building my salon Ego I used posters within the local community LOADS. I would ask businesses to put up the deal posters in their staff rooms and I would target bigger businesses with more staff. They would be our chosen businesses of the month.

It worked really well as a local business offer e.g. targeting businesses just around where we were on the outskirts of the city center as there was more a feeling of community to support each other as we were not central.

Flyers – Hand flyers out in local businesses, in the street and pass them on to new stylist to hand out. Make sure the flyers are filled with strong marketing copy especially a STRONG HEADLINE to attract customers to the salon.

WARNING – Don’t expect too much from flyers. A BIG mistake is to give up when you don’t get many returning but marketing is about %, if you get a 10% return with flyers (which would be amazing as that’s VERY high) then you need to hand out 100 flyers to get 10 people in…you are more likely to get 1-3 % e.g. 1-3 in every hundred you hand out

HOWEVER bear in mind a client might see your flyer, see you on social media and see a poster in a shop before they even start thinking about buying from you so it’s getting you into their minds.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE – Even just 1 new client from 100 flyers that cost you £3o would make a huge return if that client stayed for 2 years spending £600 would it be worth it? OF COURSE, plus if they refer friends you’re flying. So don’t give up on flyers, think of the longer term and bigger picture and get your salon marketing message out there from as many angels as you can.

Now that you’ve learned about salon marketing posters and flyers you can set to work getting these created and feel free to hire Salon Jedi to create these for you.