Christmas is almost here and you really need to think about your salon marketing. There are various options how you can promote your salon and spa, and we have selected the best ones.

Gift cards and vouchers

Studies have shown that every third person buys gift cards for Christmas. Why wouldn’t you use it for your salon and spa marketing? Prepare some amazing gift cards as well as vouchers with a certain discount that will bring you more clients but at the same time surprise your regular clients. You do need to start planning it right now as it takes a lot of preparation, from designing the gift cards and vouchers all the way to handing the vouchers out and selling the gift cards. After all, which woman doesn’t want a day at the spa or a great hairstyle for Christmas? You can never be wrong with this type of gift.

Special offers for Holiday Season

One of the best salon marketing ideas for this Christmas season is to prepare special offers. These don’t have to cost you a lot, actually you will gain a lot more than what will you invest. Start off by thinking about great offers. Prepare a day at the spa with a full treatment at a special price, or prepare a special offer for a spa treatment and a hair do combined. Then, prepare and print out the flyers. Hand them out or have someone do it for you. It is a great salon and spa marketing idea, as you will get new clients but also a new image will be built in clients’ minds. They will see you as a smart, business oriented person that yet thinks about people during Christmas.

Cocktail party for new clients

Decorate your salon or spa in a Christmas spirit. You know that people love Christmas parties, why wouldn’t you throw one? Take one evening off, invite people to a small cocktail party where you will have a chance to meet new potential clients. This is not just hair salon marketing idea, that is what people in every niche do. Why wouldn’t you? Talking to people will bring you better results than if you paid someone to create your salon and spa marketing plan.

Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, to try something new. Browse online and find even more of the amazing salon marketing ideas.