Have you been thinking about getting a Salon Marketing Coach for your Salon Business?

What exactly is a Salon Marketing Coach?

A salon marketing coach is a coach who specialises in salon marketing and can help you with your salon marketing strategies for attracting:

  • More clients
  • More visits
  • More spend

These are the only 3 ways to grow your salon business and a salon marketing coach can help you do this.

There are many salon coaches out there who help salons with systems and numbers and strategies but miss the salon marketing experience as many do not have salons themselves.

Salon Marketing is one of our specialist areas. Caroline our head Jedi and salon marketing coach specialises in:

  • Salon Facebook Marketing
  • Free and almost salon marketing strategies
  • Salon Websites and Google

Caroline is a Salon Marketing Coach to her Students inside Salon Jedi Academy and has some of the best testimonials in the industry.

Emma and Chris Simmons generated and extra £125,000 in 9 months through Salon Jedis Salon Marketing Coaching.

A great salon marketing will help you get instant results and help you master your salon marketing so you have a skill that will help you position your salon to no1 in your town.

The salon business that wins is the one with the best marketing and biggest marketing budget.

Marketing is essential for salon growth to attract more clients, keep them coming back and to nudge more spend.

Don’t be a death by discounting salon, email info@salonjedimarketing.com to see if we can be your new salon marketing coach.