In Today’s Salon Front of House Training Blog, Award Winning Salon Front of House Coach Carla Zebrowski Reveals the  3 Biggest Mistakes made at Salon Front of House!

  1. NOT having a Salon Front of House or Receptionist = missed calls
  2. NOT having a fully trained member of staff at salon front of house = mistakes and lost clients
  3. NOT converting enquiries or calls to appointments and sales from your salon front of house = missed revenue on upgrades and lost clients.

If you fall into the majority of salon owners and mangers who feel that a salon front of house member is a cost they can’t afford then read on.

In truth it’s an investment that will MAKE your salon more money and you can’t afford NOT to have one. ! If you were to look at it in simple terms as a basic example.

  • Average client ANNUAL SPEND = £300
  • Miss just one call a day loosing a client , over a 5 day working week = £1500 LOSS  (loss of 5 clients annual spend )
  • £1500 x 50 weeks = £75,000

That’s a minimum of £75,000 LOSS in a year from just ONE missed call a day!

Now you can see why you CANT AFFORD NOT to have a salon Front of House or a fully trained member of staff on your salon  reception!

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