It’s simple, everyone has issues with staffing in the salon, in fact employees are the MAIN issues that EVERY salon will have.

Hiring the wrong team member can be detrimental to your salons growth and your well-being so let’s find out how to avoid it.

Salon Owners often follow the same pattern when looking for staff. We can panic and employ based on skillset alone. Salon owners dream of hairdressers with a large following of clients and a great sales record, knocking down their door for a job. We very rarely focus on a candidate’s mind set and inner values. This decision is vital when adding another member to the team.

We have employed several talented hairdressers over the years and the dynamics of the team would change all of a sudden for the worst – more negative vibes – every policy and system would be questioned, sickness levels would increase, performances would be affected.

It’s only after employing these characters several times that we realised that it’s not our managing skills or salon procedures which are wrong, it’s because we employed someone with the wrong values that didn’t match OUR core values as a salon!

It doesn’t matter if they are talented, they will never see the positives or grow in that team if their values are ‘wanting more for doing less’ and loving a good moan and bitch. Employ someone with the right values and even if their skillset needs invested in, you can always train them to be a good hairdresser but you can’t teach them inner values.

Bare this in mind when you are next employing so you can avoid hiring the wrong salon staff.

Carla Zebrowski

Award Winning Salon Manager and Front of House Expert