Is managing staff your biggest ‘headache’ in the salon?

You are not alone if you feel that you don’t know how to manage your staff and managing staff is the biggest ‘headache’ in the salon.

We often spend more time with our work mates than we do our family and just like family work mates all have different personalities and needs so managing staff is something of a ‘challenge’ everyday.

how you manage staff will determine if the challenges have a positive or negative outcome for everyone involved!

I have experienced every type of management scenario known to man (or so I thought) but I still get challenges and new surprises everyday. I now see them as ‘tests’ so I can pass on the knowledge of the experience and show you how to manage your staff in that same scenario.

Let’s see how many you can tick off too:

  • Stealing from till
  • AWOL
  • Drunk on salon floor
  • Stealing clients
  • Taking unauthorised holidays
  • Irate family members
  • Refusing to do clients
  • High unexplained sickness
  • Leaving notes demanding ‘stuff’
  • Threatening boyfriends
  • Cheating timesheets
  • Several on Maternity leave same time
  • Holiday issues
  • Pay issues
  • Refusing to ‘sell’ retail
  • 4 staff hand in notice in 1 week
  • Not hitting targets or not trying to
  • Mass congregation in staff room
  • Turning up late for shift
  • Leaving early on a shift – without authorisation
  • Taking unauthorised breaks
  • Understaffed
  • Over staffed
  • Not adhering to dress code
  • Taking longer breaks
  • Manipulating diary to suit them
  • Unauthorised entry when salon closed
  • Breaking salon equipment
  • Manipulating prices (making up their own discounts or prices)
  • Setting up private group chats
  • Creating separate social media hair pages
  • Using unauthorised images

Most of these can be addressed and managed properly just by introducing and implementing simple policies and systems in your salon from the start and making sure everyone understands them.

However if you haven’t got this in place don’t worry, you still can implement them NOW! How to manage your staff can be hard work but it can also be extremely rewarding when it’s done right!

So let’s LEAD and COACH the team correctly and contact us for more information if you don’t know how to manage your staff and need guidance!