Do they have a FEAR of prescribing products?

Most stylists struggle to sell retail and have an in built fear to sell and prescribe products – that by telling clients about the products they are using they are somehow trying to ‘hard sell’ the ‘unwanted’ products to clients!

Where in reality that is no where near the truth. It is a stylists duty to inform the client and prescribe the best products that are suited for their needs and to help solve their problems ie dry hair -moisture products!

Having colour service – need colour protect shampoo. It’s then up to the client to decide if they see the benefit to them to purchase or not!

In your consultation with the client the No1 question to ask them is ‘what don’t they like about their hair?’ Then that opens up all the solutions to help solve the problems!

This takes away the fear and struggle to sell retail as they are just informing the client of what helps with their problems. Stylists should never take the choice away from the client and decide who should be informed or not.

The client will buy products from somewhere so why shouldn’t it be from a fully qualified professional who they trust?

PLUS most importantly the client is spending their hard earned cash with you and should receive the full service they are paying for not just what the stylist feels they deserve.

Another reason staff struggle to sell retail is Salons often have to over come buying objections and products can be found cheaper online etc but as a professional Stylist you still have the advantage:

  1. Clients can take the product away now!
  2. You can guarantee it’s the correct product Offer.
  3. A guarantee that if they don’t like it when using it you can swap it (online do not offer that).
  4. Offer retail rewards for every item bought

Remember you are not just SELLING a product to the client. You are prescribing a solution for their problems with their hair.

So the next time your staff struggle to sell retail remind them its part of their professional job and by not offering products they are taking the choice away from the client.