How to Get Your Salon to no1 in your Town or City & Treble your Salon Takings In just 24 Months with creative Salon Marketing

I joined good salon guide in 2008…it was my  first strategic marketing step to turn her back street chair rental salon into no1 in my city and one of the best in the country. I have gone on to win or finalise in 17 industry awards since 2011 including British Hairdressing Business awards Salon of the Year 2 and Marketing award finalist. I have been training Salon owners across the Globe for the past 3 years my exact salon marketing strategies and systems that brought me such success in such a short time.  Here are my Tips to get to NO1

2 of the most powerful things you can do to get yourself to no1 & triple your turnover are

1 POSITIONING use strategies to position yourself to no1

2 BUILD LOYAL LASTING RELATIONSHIPS with your clients and prospects…if you don’t someone else will!

 7 Top Tips to raise your positioning and build relationships with your clients and prospects

1 Positioning: to position your salon to no1 in your town or city go for good salon guide endorsement and know you who you are…are you 5 star? Or are you a three star salon with a 5 star service?….if you are a 5 star salon giving a 3 star service you are doomed but if you are graded a 3 star salon but giving a  star service that is a great marketing angle and can grow your business rapidly as clients will feel they are getting good value for money…no matter what your award….USE IT IN YOUR SALON MARKETING to position yourself where you want to be . It’s the first step I took  with our strap line of ‘Five Star Hair Care’

2 Social Media is also a great way to position your salon to NO1. People know it’s hard to get fans so if you are above your competitors it helps  position you to no1. I have got all my fans organically and not using facebook advertising so it doesn’t need to get expensive it just takes creativity and a bit of effort. We now have over 4500 fans on our main page. If you want to get your hands on my 2010 Facebook course join my salon marketing training academy for free, Details at the end.

 3 Awards are a great way to position your salon to no1

Once you have won or finalised for just one award you can then use it in your marketing. Use the term ‘award winning salon’, ‘award winning hairdressing’ or ‘multi award winning salon’ if you have more than one award. Or if you have finalised you can say things like ‘one of the best in the country’ or ‘Voted top 5 in the country’ ‘Acknowledged as being one of the best in the country’ that kind of thing….whatever ties with your award it sets you above the rest so really use it. You can google a list of industry awards to get started .

4 Pr

make the most of the free pr the good salon give you….make sure you scream from the roof tops about your GSG award and any other awards you may win or finalise in. Build a good relationship with your local press get to know them…you can also send your collections and news to the GSG when you are a member which can printed in magazines and featured on their website,you can then say in your marketing ‘our work regularly features in leading industry magazines and websites’.

5 Website

You must have a website if you are seriously looking to attract new clients and position yourself to no1, its expected these days from clients. We have had 1987 NEW clients in 12 months many of which came from our website

Your website should have 2 purposes only

1 sell to clients

2 get clients details so you can sell to at a later date

  • Much of the success of your website will be based on  traffic
  •  How much you communicate with the prospect using the WIIFM rule (what’s in it for me)
  •   How clear your call to action is.

It’s possible to position your website to no1 organically on Google without spending a fortune on Google ads. I have never used Google ads and currently rank no1 for all my targeted keywords

6 Salon Software

You can hire software for as little as 50 a month it looks good and is good for salon positioning but most of all its SALON GOLD when you have a data base of you clients you can market to, for example

Send text to say

‘FREE CUT TODAY for the first 5 who call for details on 014xxxyz

once they call explain it’s a free cut with any full price colour and tell them WHY you are doing it…always a have a reason for example you have a new team member you want to introduce or tie in with current affairs

To have the power to land your message straight into clients pockets is gold

7   Communication between visits

Through your salon marketing you can build relationships…THE most powerful thing you can do in for a 21st century salon is keep communicating with your clients between visits.

One great way to communicate between visits is Direct Mail. Only 2 % off businesses use this incredible media…if you’re not doing it your nuts as it can really build a strong relationship with clients. You can use it to send birthday cards with a deal to come in that week, Christmas cards with a January voucher, invites to open nights, announcements of sales etc.  That’s the beginning of your relationship building right there!

Here’s to your salon marketing success