Today’s blog post cover 6 rules of setting salon staff targets to help you track and monitor progress.

  1. You Must Keep Tracking your Targets and Give Regular Reviews. When we set targets they are for 12 weeks but we evaluate 4 weekly. This is particularly important if it’s a new stylist you are setting targets for.
  2. Make Sure your Stylists Sign and agree to the new Targets and take Responsibility for their part of their Growth – Staff must know on a daily basis how they are doing – Make them responsible for checking this and they should really wat to see how they are doing. People love to progress and reach goals it grow their confidence. By having a chart they can enter results into which flags up if they are on track or behind is invaluable. Many epos systems will help you with this as they have a target setting option.
  3. Give your Stylists the Marketing Tools and Training Needed to Grow their own Columns – As the salon owner of you are employing stylists you have a responsibility to help grow your new stylist; however your new stylist has responsibilities too to make sure they are implementing the advice and tools you are giving them. I myself use our Column packer system which clearly sets out targets and tracks the progress of new stylists but also it has a load of tools that can be used to help pack them out some of which are the stylist’s responsibility to use.
  4. You must set Realistic Targets for your Stylists – Give a new stylist enough time to grow. If every stylist in your team is struggling to hit targets but re really trying then you may be looking for too much too quick and need to set more realistic targets.  Expect new stylists to grow at least 30% in the first 12 weeks and existing stylists to grow 15-25% in 12 weeks (depending on how busy they already are).
  5. Give you’re Stylists Praise – During your one to ones make sure you praise and support your stylists to encourage them to achieve their targets. If they only manage to hit 5 out of 10 of their targets on their targets – praise them for the 5 they did hit rather than focusing on the 5 they didn’t. Look at the 5 areas they struggled on and offer them help and advice on why they struggled and how to improve. If it’s a new stylist it is particularly important that you encourage them and offer them tips rather than criticize them for not reaching all their targets – Make sure you end by focusing on the positive not the negative.
  6. You Must Reward Growth – A points system allows for a choice of reward – They can trade points for cash, training, photo-shoots, time off, kit…etc. or whatever else YOU decide. Around Christmas time people are far more motivated by the reward of cash. These rewards encourage your stylists to hit their targets!

Now that you’ve learned 6 rules to set salon staff targets, if you would like to know more about how we pack out our new stylists go here