Today’s blog post covers 5 of the key steps when hiring a new stylist.

  1. Interview Process – Start by interviewing potential new stylists and inviting them into your salon for a trade test to check the quality of their work. We first invite CV’s, then have an informal chat to those we feel are candidates, only after this chat if it went well will we invite them for a trade test. After the trade test they are invited or a second interview all going well then a trial.
  2. Target Setting and Contract – Make the new stylist aware of the targets you expect them to reach in their first 12 weeks in the job – Ask them to sign a contract agreement that they will follow the methods you teach them to do everything they can to pack out their column. ( we offer this in our Super Charge Stylist Training Course)
  3. Arrange their Start Date for 4 Weeks – If it’s possible, give yourself 4 weeks to market your new stylist before they start at the salon (unless of course you are short staffed and clients ready for them.)
  4. Start your Marketing System – Plan your marketing angle and prepare your marketing tools – you want to inform everyone about the brilliant new stylist you’ve got starting at your salon! If you need more information and tools to pack out your new stylists there are 2 courses you can take from Salon Jedi.Beginners Bootcamp to learn about marketing. Charge your Stylists to set the targets and have the tools ready to pack them out.
  5. Implement your Marketing Strategies – There’s no point in planning all your salon marketing strategies and then not actually using them – Make sure you have time to implement your strategies. Mark some time off in your week for marketing activities, it is the only way you can make this work or by using your evenings or days off to start. I found when taking time off the floor to market my efforts more than paid for my time off the floor and it made my staff busier picking up the clients I couldn’t fit in.Or if you have someone who does your marketing for you like a business partner, this can work too as long as one of you are committing to weekly time for marketing.

Now that you’ve learned about the 5 key steps when hiring a new stylist, take the information you’ve learned and apply it to help you grow your stylists.