If you are wondering the best way to inspire your Salon Team but you don’t know how, here are 3 ways I use myself  to inspire and motivate my own Salon Team

1 – Be a leader not a boss. To inspire your salon team Lead by example letting your passion and values shine through. Lead them by showing them what can be achieved with hard work and passion

2 – Be the best version of you. To inspire your team lead by example by being the best version of you that you can be. Show your team your positivity, kindness and caring….be the person you want them to be. Passionate, a good listener and communicator but don’t let them mistake your kindness for weakness. Your passion means you want things to be done a certain way and be clear on what you expect from them…just like you would want them to be clear with you if they have any issues rather than keeping it to themselves. Bottled up issues can lead to a bitchy environment so be an open communicator with your team as you want them to be with you.

3 – Focus on building and growing THEM. As you get back what you give out in life the rewards will come back to you in another way. Don’t make your rewards your focus make THEIR growth and development the focus and just watch as you both grow together. It’s inspiring!

Use these 3 ways to inspire your salon team and you will begin to attract and build a salon team who inspire YOU.