Are you looking to learn about successful salon marketing?

I want to tell you about Clare who joined my Salon Marketing academy a few months back.

I first got to know Clare when she booked just a 20 minute consulting call with me. She really needed help as she had just opened a new salon and wanted success but was on her own and finding it hard to get new clients…. she just wasn't making the cash.

After a 20 minute call with myself Clare got cracking on the new salon marketing strategies and advice I had packed into our 20 minute call to help her with her be more successful with her salon marketing. To cut it short, Clare was very happy with the advice I had given her on our 20 minute call and seen results straight away so she called me to ask about my Salon Jedi Marketing Academy.

 She was really worried if it was the right move for her…after all she was on her own at the salon…could this work for a single person outfit and of course she was looking to make more cash not spend more on training….so it was a real tough decision for her I know!

 I told her to come and try my successful salon marketing academy for a week for free that way she could see for herself if she thought it would work  for her. After realising there were cash making strategies that could be implemented STRAIGHT AWAY she very quickly realised the course would pay for itself, but little did she know just what a difference the course would make in a few short months to her life and salon…shall I tell you how salon marketing made a success of her salon?

  •  Clare now only works 3 days a week (was 5) she uses the other 2 days to work ON her salon and not IN it.
  • Clare has now become an employer…her new FULL TIME stylist has become 75% utilised making nearly 4 times her wage in JUST 5 WEEKS and Clare is already thinking ahead for stylist no2.
  • Clare went out and bought a new car FOR CASH with her new profits
  • Clare has managed to get a 25% return off her lost clients
  • Clare went from just over 100 facebook fans to 1000 fans OVERNIGHT


Look I could go on ….there is TONES more but you get the picture right?

These are phenomenal results after implimenting my successful salon marketing strategies  they really are and I am DELIGHTED for Clare. In fact I have just got off the phone with her … we were going over what’s next.

 You see the thing is …Clare is in a privileged position as a student of my successful salon marketing academy, I am there for her, as well as like minded experienced salon owners, to guide her away from all the pitfalls and mistakes we have all made.

 For example…if you have just ONE stylist doing all the work in your salon…what’s your back up?

What if they were to fall pregnant or leave tomorrow? That would be you back on the floor…back to square one. This is the DANGER time where stylists can start to rule the roost in your salon…this is the danger time where you start to run your salon by fear. You let stylists off with murder…you walk on eggshells worried they will leave and you believe your salon will crumble if they do!!   Sound familiar?

 Clare is lucky, as a student in my salon marketing academy I am going to train her (and all my other students)how to be a leader and take full control of her salon. How to keep stylists happy but the most important thing of all is I am going to reveal my secret as to why I never need to worry about stylists leaving ever again.

In fact let me tell you now…the secret is this to be in complete control of your salon takes confidence…it takes a complete confidence that you KNOW 100%…. that if your Top Earning Stylist walked out tomorrow your business would not loose one single penny!!

 I want YOU to Think about this for a second….Would you go to work tomorrow and run your salon any differently if you KNEW for sure that your business would NOT be affected if you lost a stylist?

 Maybe you would stop walking on those egg shells and take the action you KNOW you should but are scared to do? If you can think of one thing you would do tomorrow if you knew for sure it wouldn’t affect you financially in any way…the chances are you are NOT in complete control of your business….but fear no more doesn’t have to be that way.

 You CAN take control! I am going to help Clare and YOU if you want to join us

  • How To Make Your Salon BIGGER than your stylists
  • How to have a back up plan and an arsenal of ATTACK should you need to defend your business if a stylist leaves
  • How to finally get complete freedom of fear as a salon owner
  • How to weed out the bad eggs from your salon and make MORE money


Let’s go back to Clare for a second. Why has she had so much success in my salon marketing Academy?

Well I would love to tell you its all down to me and I have a magic wand and I can transform any salon overnight …but that’s not true of course

 You see the knowledge I have provided Clare with is VERY POWERFUL and its proven to work it has transformed my own salon from the brink of bankruptcy…but that’s another story…but this POWERFUL strategies and salon systems I teach are only POWERFUL in the right hands.

 Clare was ready for change. She desired success….she implemented the knowledge I shared with her.


Knowledge is nothing without implementation….FACT.

And of course there was one other HUGE factor why Clare was so successful…my one BIG secret that I don’t write about publicly (only privately to my students). Clare took my secret tool and utilised its power TO THE MAX!!

 This same secret tool got Clare to over 1000 facebook fans OVERNIGHT!

It’s not everyone who will be able to use this secret tool …or even have faith that it works but Clare and some of my other students who decided to use the secret tool….plus me well we are proof that it works.

 If you want to come and try the private online training academy with like minded salon owners then why not check it out.

It comes with my 100% cash back guarantee if you are not satisfied with results.


Just sign up here and you can get instant access to the salon marketing academy


 Now if you are reading this and you are thinking

What the heck is an online training academy?…I like the sound of these results but I am not very techie so  it’s probably not for me"

Well don’t worry. Drop me an email to and I will talk you through it to reassure you it’s all very simple and I am here to help you create your own salon success story.


Here's to your salon marketing success

Caroline 🙂