If you are thinking about starting up a new hair salon i want to give the best bit of advice I can give you.

Advice I wish I had when I started up my hair salon in 2012….

INVEST IN TRAINING to prepare yourself for everything coming to you once you have started your new hair salon. Everything was great at first when I started my hair salon in but with zero marketing knowledge it was a slow salon growth process and I made every mistake in the salon owner handbook until I found myself nearly bankrupt!

It took me years after starting up my salon to realise the importance of salon marketing, salon management ,how to deal with salon staff, the does and don'ts of salon advertising, what to charge for hair salon prices…the list goes on.

The most successful salon owners understand salon marketing and salon management. They know how to run a salon business which has taken years for them to learn but YOU can jump light years by learning salon marketing NOW.

I have created a special salon marketing beginners bootcamp. This is GOLD for those of you starting a new salon. It will kick start you on the path to salon success giving you great salon marketing knowledge prior to starting your new hair salon.

If you are starting a new hair salon any time soon or if you have recently started a new hair salon check it this brilliant training and see how other salons have been raving about it!.


Here's to your salon marketing success