How successful is your salon marketing referral program?

Do you even have one?


At Salon Jedi we recommend you get clever in your salon marketing and make a real fuss about your referral club.

DO NOT give just one recommend a friend card. Statistics say 9 is the recommended amount of cards to give out to get the best out of your

 'Recommend a friend' programs. But of course if they recommend more GREAT!! Keep them coming


You should reward both the new friend and your existing client with a

hot incentive

This will make sure your  referrals are  getting you a constant stream of new clients that you blow away with your expert services to make sure they come back and recommend THEIR friends!


This is FREE MARKETING for your salon that turns your clients into walking testimonials for your salon and services.


Here are some suggestions of how to spread the word about your brilliant

R.A.F club/program


1. Put marketing posters around the salon and get your staff chatting about it and get the buzz around the salon going. Your clients need to know what a brilliant deal this is. If you are offering say £10-£15 credit to your client for every new referral ask them….".would you like to get £90 of FREE services here at the salon? "( a £ value is great to offer)

 They will straight away perk up and pay good attention to what you are about to say!


2. Create an area in your salon where they can sign up to the V.I.P Referral Club. It sounds so much better that r.a.f 'scheme'…get some balloons etc so they can see straight away there is some kind of promo on and it gets them interested straight away. You can even ask them for their email address to sign up so you can notify them when a friend comes so they know they have their hot  offer waiting for them at their next visit…plus you get their email address to market to them in the future (just make sure you give them the option to opt out of future marketing from you)


3. Get details of the Club on your salon website & salon Facebook page


4. If you already have a clients database use this to email details of the program to them or if you want you can direct mail them with details.  This will cost a bit more but you will get a greater response.


5. Hand a letter/flyer to every client when they are in the salon with details about what’s in it for them


These are just a few ways to marketing and promote your V.I.P Referral Club that cost ZERO or almost zero. Step out of the box and use your imagination to make things more desirable for your clients..they will thanks you for it and so will your bank manager


Now…get marketing it this week at the salon and sit back and just wait for a flood of new clients  🙂


Here's to your salon marketing success