SALON MARKETING WITH DIRECT MAIL: Are you sending letters out to your clients to thank them for their custom…to get lost clients back…to reduce the impact when a stylist leaves and more?

The 'idea' of sending direct mail to market your business is nothing new…

A select few, in the know businesses, have been doing it for decades and marketers have been teaching this stuff for donkeys years it's just that most salon owners don't really think about using direct mail in their salon marketing strategies.

In fact most business don't use it so don't be hard on yourself if you don't


When was the last time you received a letter from a business thanking you for your custom?

My garage does it but that's about it…plus of course they send me reminders for my mot or service which makes me pick up the phone and call them! How about you offer a reminder to your clients that its been 6 weeks since their last cut so it's time to call and book?


The idea of using a 2 or 3 letter system for a better response is also nothing new in marketing but again, most business just don't realize it. For example, lets say a stylist leaves you…you can minimize the damage by sending a letter introducing an alternative stylist and an incentive for the client to try them.

If they don't respond to the first letter send another to remind them and maybe even increase the incentive or valid until date as who knows….maybe they were on hols and couldn't use the first one so give them another chance.

Try it out…its old school marketing strategies that work 🙂


When you are writing your letter keep it straight to the point…keep it personal and give them a call to action and limit the time to respond for example with a letter offering a new stylist

LETTER 1 in your salon marketing direct mail

Tell the client why you are writing but reassure them although their usual stylist has left YOU are committed to offering them the very best service so you want to introduce them to (new stylist)….make it a great incentive for them to take action and call now to try this new stylist out…its worth it not to loose that client..

For example, you can enclose a FREE £15 voucher and offer a guarantee that if they are not happy you will take no cash from them….the more risk free and irresistible the offer…..the more likely they are to try your hot new stylist. Of course make sure the new stylist is brilliant or you  will loose their trust FOREVER!

It is really worth it as remember…you could loose this client for LIFE anyway if you don't take action…they will be following that stylist who has left faster than you can say 'tongs' if you don't do something about it!

Control your offer…give an offer only valid if they book within 7 days and nudge them to call now so they don't miss out as spaces are limited.


LETTER 2 in your salon marketing direct mail

After 7 days get the next letter to the ones who DON'T respond to the first letter. Don't be surprised of you get an even better response to letter 2!

Remind them about the offer you sent and say you have realized they have not taken you up on the offer. Extend the valid date…remind them about the benefits of trying the new stylist and your guarantee….this time you through in something more like say not only have you extended the offer by another 7 days but you have a free gift waiting for them worth £15 if they call right now  (maybe a product)?


Sit back and wait for the phone to ring 🙂

The truth is you can then go on and send a letter no3. You could for example say ok you give up…you really don't want them to miss out on the great service your new stylist offers…you want to keep them coming back time and time again so your going to give them the first one on the house. Its really about trying it out and testing what works best but one thing is for sure…

DIRECT MAIL WORKS better than most other marketing tools because it is personal.


Yes, its pretty expensive now, that's why I suggest trying and testing to a smaller scale first or email me  if you want my tried and tested templates that are proven to work. Just add your salon and stylists name with a tweak and its ready to go. You can get me on

Go for it Jedis 🙂


Here's to your salon marketing success



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