3 Huge Marketing Blunders Your Salon Could Be Making

Salon marketing is not easy if you’re only new to the game. Often salons have to try a variety of marketing strategies before they could deem themselves fully successful. In fact, it’s mostly trial and error; seeing what works and implementing it.

On this note, the top marketing blunder that salons tend to make is not knowing what works.

The best way to find out what works is to look around you. Make yourself aware of what the hottest styles are and what’s happening in fashion. You can then apply this to your choice of ads and products to position your salon at the height of modern needs. Even more importantly is to research what the top salons are doing and discover what it is that’s working for them. You can then use this new wisdom to propel your business. 

The second biggest blunder and perhaps the most common, is not doing what works. Many salon owners have so many ideas when they start their business that they find it hard to let go of strategies that don’t work! Save yourself time by putting all your efforts into ideas that are not working and implement strategies that will be successful.

Don’t cling to old habits, in fact, it’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about doing what will achieve the optimal results for your salon, even if that means doing something that has already been done before by your competition. 

The third costly mistake that could mean the difference between success and failure is stagnant offers. What I mean by this is having the same deals on every week. Clients and passers- by will get familiar with these deals and although that’s great in theory, it also has no room for keeping the potential client excited.

The offers have to suggest that there’s a ‘limited time’ before they expire to motivate them to take instant action.  Inevitably, if you rotate your promotions, you will reach all target markets and have something in place for every type of customer.

We hope this helps you.

Alan Forrest Smith & Caroline Sanderson


Hairdressing and Beauty Salon Marketing