Salon Marketing- 3 Tips to top google

3 Top Salon Marketing Tips to get your Salon NO1 on Google FOR FREE

Try these 3 top tips


Find out what your potential clients are looking for when typing keywords into Google. For example if I moved to your area and was looking for a new hair salon I might type something like ‘Hairdressers in (name of your area)’

There is a FREE tool you can use below where you can type in your selected keywords and it will tell you how many people locally are searching that term.

Write a list of the services you offer that people may be searching for eg lets use the city of Aberdeen in Scotland as an example of general keyword searches people could use

·         Aberdeen Hairdressers

·         Aberdeen Hair salon

Once you have your keywords make sure you use them regularly in your website content



List your business in Google places and start getting great reviews to your page. This will help you get you onto page 1



Make your website a wordpress site with a bog full of your chosen keywords .Use your blog regular featuring your keywords. For example if you want to be on page 1 in Google for the search term ‘Hair Extensions Aberdeen’ you could create a blog called

Looking for Hair Extensions in Aberdeen? Having your keywords in your title and your content gives it higher score with google as they are looking for relevant changing content

Email me any questions to

Here’s to your salon marketing success





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