Want to get off the salon floor?


Getting off the salon floor may seam a distant dream to you. Its true that many salon owners are held  hostage to the salon floor by their fear their business would collapse, their clients would leave and their staff would run the salon to the ground should they choose to get off the salon floor.

Does this sound like you……?

  • You are the busiest stylist in the salon?
  • You believe your clients will leave if you get off the floor?
  • You are scared to let go and feel the salon completely relies on you being there?


The good news is none of this is true….working ON your salon rather than IN your salon with clever salon marketing can triple salon turnover and give you a better quality of life as well as bring out the best in your team. That’s what it has done for my salon

I retired from the salon floor for good 22nd December 2012.


Here are my 4 crucial steps top getting off the floor



The first step is to realise that working ON your salon rather than IN it is the way forward if you want to really grow. Marketing & management systems are key to making this happen and how can you do this when you are on the floor full time and trying to have a family & personal life too? Plan how long you want off the floor and give yourself a time frame and COMMIT TO IT

For example” in 2 months time I will drop 1 day a week off the floor. 6 months later I will drop another day and only work 3 days a week on the salon floor from now on”. By doing this you can use your free time to really start to build your salon business creating systems, strategies, marketing plans and growth plans….all virtually impossable if you are the soul owner of your salon and working full time on the floor


Price Plan Strategy

Once you have your plan and are committed you need to work out what this financially means to you and plan a strategy to make sure your takings grow. For example if dropping a day off the floor costs you £250 you need to make your marketing strategy around making that £250 in other ways.

Break it down between team members for example say you have 3 stylists…they would need to make an extra £84 each per week….that’s only around £17 per stylist per day…less than the price of a haircut When you break it down like that does it still seam so imposable to get off the floor?

A Price increase for you will also help bridge the gap as the ones who don’t want to pay more will be encouraged to go to another team member and the ones who really want you will know you are much harder to get and will be prepared to pay the extra price…the ones you loose don’t dwell on it stay focused on your strategy to get your £250 each week with clever marketing to your Facebook fans and existing salon and make a killer recommend a friend s scheme. Use the time to do all the things you have always wanted for your salon but never had time…like website, Facebook page, joint ventures etc.



Once you know how much time you are taking make sure all your team and clients know well in advance…encourage rebooking and explain of they don’t they may not get in. you are making yourself more in demand by dropping your days thus demanding a higher rate.

Offer another designer just encase they cant get you and sell the skills of that designer…you may offer the first a first time free voucher to try them out rather than loose them to another salon but stay true to your word NEVER bend over backwards or break the rules. If you are off the tools on a Monday then you are OFF the tools for EVERYONE. Put your fear to one side about loosing clients…the amount you loose will fall into insignificance compared to the new clients you will attract being able to spend time and energy on marketing your salon and pushing training forward



You just learn to let go. No one will ever be you …there are no clone of you out here so you need to know when good is good enough. Other stylists can be just as popular as you…as much as you would like to think you are irreplaceable guess what….NO-ONE in your salon is irreplaceable including YOU. Once you master the skills of salon marketing which you can do in your free time you will NEVER look back. Delegating jobs to staff make them feel useful and responsible and you would be surprised how they will rise to the occasion. Just make sure they are behind you …spend your time sharing your dream for the salon which of course includes them. If you can get the salon busier by spending your time marketing and pushing the staff rather than you ten they can get. Use mystery shoppers to make sure the standards are kept and send questionnaires to clients…if you start to get lots of negative remarks about certain stylists…or similar complaints you can then deal with it as need be. The answer is not to be there 100%…staff knowing you find out what goes on even when you not there can act a s powerful deterrent. 

More money

More business

More rewards


I was forced off the salon floor in 2009 as I was on maternity leave and my manger left me…I had no choice but to try to manage and build from a distance and to my surprise I couldn’t belie what was happening…I didn’t loose 1p…in fact my business GREW without me and my manager because I was completely focus on salon marketing for growth and building the positioning of  the salon.


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Here's to your salon marketing success