Are you scared to take on a new stylist thinking you wont have enough clients for them and they will take months to build up?

I have just taken on 2 new stylists with ZERO clients so I need to turn on my Jedi marketing machine  to FULL to make sure they are packed out FAST.

Usually I would recommend giving a start day of 4 weeks away so you have 4 weeks to market them while NOT paying them a wage so when they start they are already full…. BUT in this case I needed to start them now for one reason or another so I have created a Jedi Marketing attack just as I have taught my student in Salon Jedi Academy to do…. I will be using:

  • Facebook
  • website
  • flyers
  • posters around the salon & local businesses
  • direct mail
  • Mail shot flyers
  • magazine full page advert (haggled to HALF PRICE)
  • newspaper announcement (again haggle for lower price)
  • joint ventures
  • local drama club offer
  • local council offer
  • open evening…and more

My marketing budget is £350 per stylist.

Make a plan of attack to make sure you have at least ten ways to bring them to market.

The majority of the above is free or low cost and always make sure your paid advertising is haggled down.

Track everything and only send a mail shot or payed advert with proven materials.

Test on a smaller scale first. I know my mail drop will work as its proven marketing material I am using that I have shared with my salon Jedi academy students who get all the templates of my proven marketing to use themselves.

I also train salon owners how to set targets so you NEVER loose a penny from day one of employing a new stylist with no clients. Plus how to get them to make 3 times their wage from 3-6 months or FASTER!

I follow this tried and tested system and use all my proven tools and strategies and it never fails me or my students who have also been STUNNED at how fast they grown a new stylist from ZERO clients

Once you know how to pack out your news stylist it starts to give you more confidence and eliminates the FEAR of loosing stylists you have 🙂

If you want more information on how to pack out your new stylists drop me an email to


Heres to your salon success