Are you a mobile hairdresser, chair/booth renter or individual stylist/therapist who wants to grow their business?


This is part one of three Blogs giving you guys some ideas on getting more money in your pocket.



So there are a few ways you can work self employed in the hair and beauty industry, I will cover the following 3.


1. Mobile Hairdresser: You travel to your customers.

2. Renters: You rent a chair/booth/room in someone else’s salon

3. Sole trader: You rent/own your own premises and run your own salon on your own


So how do you grow your 'individual mobile business'?


When you are starting out Mobile Hairdressing you may have a very limited client list. It takes time to build a client list with word of mouth alone. Sometimes YEARS but not for Jedi mobile hairdressers as they understand that ALL marketing principles are the same no matter how big or small your business.




As with all businesses, the clients we have are gold. This is where you can start.

Referrals are a major part of any business marketing strategy so let’s make it work faster for you.


Give your existing clients a good reason to recommend your services…


You MUST reward them for sending you new clients plus the new client should also be given an enticement they can't resist.


Ask your client what is the best thing they like about having their hair done at home by you. Once they sing your praises ask them

"Do you know anyone else who would benefit from my mobile hairdressing services?  Because if you do I can offer your next service FREE. All you have to do is invite 3-5 friends over to try me out the next time I am here and you get your cut & design on the house. And to make it irresistible for your friends I will give them my 'group discount offer' of (decide what you are willing to offer them but don’t be stingy). I will also give them a free colour consultation and skin test so they know exactly what will suit their skin tone and personality.


You could even go one step further and offer to bring wine and nibble for them. How much is wine and a few nibbles…nothing when you look at the bigger picture.

Lets do an example, your client takes 3 new clients at your next visit all for cut & design at 50% discount on usual price of £30 so for a start

  • you are saving time and petrol expenses as you are at one location


  • you offer them a deep intensive conditioning pack while they wait their turn at a cost of £6…sell them the benefits of the treatment not the treatment itself e.g…sell them condition and shine


  • You give your expert advice on colour to every client…be creative …people love to know what would look good on them. Offer the colour up sell…. offer  to go to their house to do the colour the following week at a discounted rate or offer to do it for FREE if they too bring a NEW group of friends….and so it goes on


So for that one FREE cut you gave your existing client…you got 3 new clients who all came because you enticed them with a great…lets say 50% discount. They all went for the treatment at £6 each


That’s a total on the day of £63…less wine and nibbles- £10 TOTAL £53


Ok so you had to put more work hours in short term but you still banked more money from that one house visit right? …but here is where it gets good….


You have just banked £900 this year from your 3 new clients alone that your existing client recommended to you. That does not include anyone those new clients went on to recommend!


Ok, I have just used examples here but the point is to get creative with your mobile hairdressing marketing and use the clients you already have. This has NO COST to it as you are asking your client to do all the work. That is why they MUST be highly rewarded.

They want to help as they love your services but at the same time don’t expect them to go out of their way for you with no rewards.

Hopefully this will inspire you to create a really strong referral scheme of your own or great package deal with stacks of added value for your clients.


Try it and let me know how it goes 🙂