Have you ever hear of the law of attraction? Most people have now with the massive popularity of the Rhonda Byrne’s the secret book and video.


To cut it short for those who have not heard of it, the law of attraction is a universal law that says you attract into your life what you give thoughts and feelings to even if you are aware of it or not.


For example, let’s take your salon …what do you think about daily?


Do you focus on the negatives, the stylist that is not pulling their weight, the quiet columns, and the stress of it all? Do you say things to yourself like “I am working my ass off and never seem to have a penny”? The of attraction says if you give attention to this you attract more of this and what is even MORE powerful is when you put feelings and beliefs behind those thoughts.


You FEEL stressed your stylist isn’t pulling their weight, you FEEL worried there is not enough going in the till…so that is the cycle you stay in.


It Is also known as ‘cause and effect’ all the results you have in your life right now are the ‘effect’ of the ‘cause’. If your results are not what you want you need to change the cause purposely using the law of attraction


Ever have one of ‘those days’ you stub your toe in the morning, spill your coffee and you make up your mind you are going to have one of ‘those days’ you feel it and you believe and guess what YOU HAVE IT!


So be true to yourself a second and ask yourself what are your prominent, consistent thoughts and beliefs about your salon? Do you believe good staff are hard to some by? It’s always quiet in January? Do you feel you are stuck in a rut and just when you think you are getting somewhere BOOM something happens to bring you back to where you were before? I know I certainly have felt like this in the past!


I have been studying and practicing the law of attraction, law of cause and effect now for nearly 5 years and I can honestly say little miracles have happened over and over again. I have read book after book, I listen to audio programmes nearly every day and watch videos constantly staying emerged in the subject.


I have consciously used the law of attraction to


  • win numerous awards for my salon
  • attract amazing staff
  • attract my brand new range rover
  • attract record breaking salon results for us
  • grow my salon business over 350%
  • detract negative salon staff from my business
  • get invited to speak at salon smart
  • get rid of a 2 year back injury
  • attract the training I have needed to grow my business

The list goes on and on and on


HOWEVER I have also subconsciously used the law of attraction to nearly destroy my business years ago put on excess weight and a list of other negative things.


Such is life we have such deep routed limiting beliefs about ourselves from our past experiences. Is sometimes feels like our brains are set to a negative default! it takes POWER to use the law of attraction to keep those thoughts positive, get past fear, keep the energy positive and consciously and purposely guide your thoughts to a better place, but when you practice it, little miracles happen.


For me the journey using the law of attraction for my salon business has been a 5 year roller coaster and has taken immense commitment and power , thinking with purpose is one of the hardest things to do, mastering your emotions and staying true to your new beliefs and dreams takes persistence. I am still master the techniques, learning and developing my knowledge of the law of attraction but I can honestly say changing my mind set like this has been my biggest factor in helping me transform my salon business . If you would like to know more about how I have used the law of attraction to help grow my salon business so you can do the same too, look out for training in 2014.