At salon Jedi I have 2 Inner Circle Groups

The Jedi Journey

Have you ever thought you were finally getting somewhere at the salon only to find yourself back at square one?

Have you experienced getting more money in your till but you never seem to have any money? These are your Blocks and the Jedi Journey focuses on Mindset for Salon Success to remove these blocks. How to think and feel your way to salon success and how to break the blocks that are holding you back. Click here for more information

Profit Partners

Do you have the drive and ambition to get to the top and finally start making more money from your salon?

Maybe you want to get recognition in the  industry and start winning awards? This training gets you to NO 1 in your town or city FAST and helps you win awards. My ultimate insider circle of my Salon Profit Partners are plugging my entire Money Making Business Model into their salon with OUTSTANDING results. Read more here