Today’s blog post is all about what to look for when hiring new salon stylists.

Below are 4 of the key steps to include in the process;

  • Go Through A Rigorous Interview Process – Make sure you don’t employ new stylists out of desperation – 99% of the time it will end badly! You should treat your business like it’s the most important thing in your life – Don’t be tempted to hire quickly and on the cheap.  Go through a rigorous interview process to ensure you’re hiring the right people who share your values. You can teach skills but you can’t change someone’s values and attitude easily.
  • First See A CV – If you like what you read in the CV of the potential new stylist, then have an informal chat over the telephone with them and decide if you like the sound of them. Next you can arrange to meet them for an interview – don’t use your salon unless you have a private room. Meet them in a nice lounge/bar of a hotel.  If you meet them in the salon without a private space you will be interrupted and it will not look professional.
  • Ask for a trade test to check their quality of work –You can then check your potential new stylist’s references before asking them back for a final interview and possibly a second trade test. Don’t be afraid to ask for a second trade test – You want to make absolute certain that they are the right person for your salon.
  • Start them on a trial period –Make sure you make it very clear what is expected of your new stylist from the job they need to know that they are expected to contribute and take responsibility for building their column – they can’t solely depend on you.If they are not prepared to get out there with flyers, go to events and local businesses and chatting to potential clients then they are not for you. If they are not prepared to follow your guidance on how you want them to build the client base then they are not for you,

You want someone hungry to lean and grow. If your new stylist is still very enthusiastic and keen after going through all of the above then you know you are onto a good thing.

Now you can be more confident when hiring new salon stylists and please take away one last tip…hire slow – fire fast J