Ok young Jedi's, lets get to work getting more New Salon Clients through your  doors

1. Corporate schemes…are you using local large employers to send you clients?
 This is so over looked by salons looking for more clients but if you get it right it can bring a constant flow of new clients to your salon or spa. Think about who you want as your new salon client….what's your 'tribe' as they call it these days?


For example, are you offering budget or elite hairdressing?

What demographic are you after?

When you know who you want…think about where they work . Do they work in an exclusive department store or do they work in a budget store? Are they professionals or students?

Here is what I do

Once I have chosen my targets on my list I make sure my Client Manager speaks to the manager in person. She  would tell them they have been chosen to join our corporate scheme for the month and would they find it valuable to  offer their staff the extra bonus of discount hairdressing. She would tell them its free to join the scheme and tell them if it works well and enough staff come to us regular we can  do the managers hair for FREE . That way they are more motivated to sell it to staff. Also if it works well keep it ongoing.


2 Joint Venture Referrals

Do a list of business’s that have a high turnover of clients or customers . For example taxi drivers have a lot of traffic each day….can you hook up with them in some way to send you clients? They send you clients… you do their hair for free or offer a discount to all the taxi firms staff as long as they keep sending you clients everyone is happy. You can make affordable business cards on sites such as vista print with an offer on it so you can track how many come to you.

Or how about choosing the most exclusive restaurant in town and offering to do the front of house staff for free as long as  their hair looks amazing they could be  a walking advert for you. Ask them to give out a card  with each receipt at the end of a meal. It may be a free voucher for your salon stating that you do the staffs hair. (that's why in return they MUST keep their hair looking amazing and not tied up in pony tails…that's part of the deal!)

A partnership like this  means they are offering their clients an extra bonus…the staff get hairdressing  for free and you get new clients so everyone is happy. You just need to track it religiously to make sure its worth your while.
If you are a hair salon why not partner a beauty salon and vise versa? Or how about fashion stores , slimming clubs and gyms which  have a high volume of traffic? Get your list going now and think about ideas of how you could get them on board referring you new salon clients.


Jedi Tip:

You should always have a flower shop on board to deliver you fresh flowers weekly.You can also partner them at busy times like valentines and mothers day . In return do the owners hair for free but just make sure its off peak with selected stylists. The key is to control it.

You must be able to monitor how many new clients you get with your schemes and joint ventures

Measure the success  by using tracker sheets , use your computer system to track it or give out flyers they must use to redeem the discount…whatever you do just make sure its TRACKED as with all marketing you do.

3. Get Yourself Out There

Last year I set a stylist up in the corner of the high street shop and offered express up-dos for a discounted rate..it was a Friday afternoon so lots of response and on the whole the campaign attracted a new set of clients. Plus the fashion store was happy to offer more value to their clients and the clients were happy…its win win all round.
 4. Open Nights

Re-Design evenings are great to get new clients. The fact you are changing their hair for FREE makes it really easy to up-sell colour to go with the change. When they see how much they love their hair they feel guilty its for FREE so as soon as you offer an upgrade they go for it PLUS because you have given them such a change its a walking advert for your salon. i find anyone who comes on these nights remain extremely loyal to the salon.

The team must understand up-selling, it should be a big part of your salon strategy to get clients to spend more at each visit with upgrade options.


Get beauty consultants or any other people you know involved with the evening. The more that goes on and the better the evening will come across and the more value for your clients. give them goody bags…wine …nibbles..as many treats on the night as you can.

Hope this helps  you take action for more new salon clients

Go make your list and get to work

Here's to your salon success