Did you know there are hundreds of ways to do FREE marketing for salons & spas ? Here are 8 to get you started

Take social media for example as a way to do free marketing for your salon or spa. How fantastic is this media when you know how to use it. Like anything, you get out of it what you put in. If you are posting once a week…or worse still once a month…FORGET making profits from your page.

To really start flying with facebook and other media you need to commit to daily posts (or as close to that as you can). You should mix it up with the times you post as well so as to reach more contacts. Think about it…some people may 'like' your page but they only go on after 8pm at night…if you only post in the morning the chances are your post is lost in their feed in a sea of friends posts so try mixing it up with day & evening posts.

Not only that you can build a great relationship with clients between visits with social media. They feel like a friend so it builds loyalty so if you don't Have a facebook page mark it priority on your to do list. This really is one of the best ways today to get Free marketing for your salons & spas

Don't forget to use other social media like twitter too…you can link your posts so they go to more than one site at a time like facebook to twitter etc. For those of you who go for it and have several sites try http://www.ping.fm/ its FREE and you can update all your sites with one post once they are set in the site.


Here are some more of my favourite FREE marketing tools for salons & spas

* Upgrades…offer your existing clients deluxe versions of services. We are programmed to want bigger & better so its a great way for more cash in the till.

*Joint ventures…hook up with established businesses to get referrals.

*Corporate Clubs…select a work place with high staff numbers each month to offer them a monthly deal

*Referral programs…ask you existing clients for referrals and make it worth their while by offering a great deal for both parties. This is a great way to get new clients regularly to your salon or spa but be warned…do NOT offer 10% discount it just is not enough to them motivated to recommend or their friends to actually change their stylist to come to YOU.

*Email Marketing…try the free version of send blaster or mail chimp. they are auto responders which have all the functions you need to interact with clients between visits offering more services by way of news letter. They have templates you can use too.  It can also work on auto pilot for you …just load up your emails and select a date and time to send them out

*Your Staff…your staff are walking adverts for your salon. How good they look can help attract new business to your salon. Get your staff to always carry business cards ready to promote your salon at a moments notice. Always have their hair up to date and looking great. Get them to help share links etc on their own facebook pages. You can also create a family & friends deal

*Street Cutting/Styling…again its FREE and it gets you noticed


Marketing your salon & spa for FREE can be done very  successfully. My salon marketing has minimal cost of stationary…stamps…and business cards/flyers but I still pull in up to 205 new clients per month and you can too if you just get CREATIVE and take action.

You can NOT sit and wait for clients to come to you ..you need to find them and bring them to you with great salon marketing and bucket loads of drive and determination to succeed.

Remember its not ONE marketing angle that will get the new clients flooding in …its multiple streams of marketing that works. Remember there are literally hundreds of ways to market your salon so start to build up as many as you can into your salon and spa marketing

If you find this useful please remember to share this . Also let me know what are your favourite FREE marketing tools are for your salon or spa


Heres to your salon success


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