So by now most of you reading this have your own facebook fan page right? If not WHY NOT?

You can't deny the massive potential to market your salon or spa on Facebook. It's FREE and its a way to build a closer relationship with your existing clients and attract new ones.

As I write this my own small salon in Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland has OVER 3000 fans and I get new clients weekly from facebook plus my existing clients often take last minute deals for more visits from them each year. so what does this mean to my business?


It is now May 2011 and guess what…I have not spent a single penny on adverting for my salon since….hmmmm….let me think… fact its that long ago I cant remember off hand I would need to go look it up but I would say last Autumn at an educated guess. Yet my salon client base keeps growing getting me up to 135 NEW client each and every week…no joke!

Is it fluke or luck that my salon has over 3000 fans? Of course not. It's due to the fact I created a strategy which I stuck to for continued growth. I copy my own blue print for my posts to get high conversion rates for my offers so it's no accident .

So what advice would I give to someone starting out with their facebook fan page? Or someone whose fan numbers have stalled and there is just no movement?


Offer the best you can possibly give away to give people a reason to 'like' your page. Make your competition EXCLUSIVE to facebook fans…only they can enter but be careful there are strict rules to competitions on facebook …you can not say click 'like' to enter my competition but you can say this competition is EXCLUSIVE to facebook fans…only they can enter. Then give them instructions on how to enter.

Facebook recommends hosting your competitions on a 3rd party site like your website for example which is actually what you want too…..why?

Because you can collect data from your entrants…eg. enter by giving us your name and email address. Then hey presto…you have a mailing list to add to your Jedi marketing machine.

How about giving away a year of FREE HAIRDRESSING/FREE BEAUTY?

Can you afford to do it? OF COURSE YOU CAN!!

The new clients I generated from my Year of FREE HAIRDRESSING winners far exceed any cost involved in the free services (which have terms & conditions attached eg not peak times…certain stylist only etc)

A HUGE competition is the single biggest thing which get my page to 1000 fans FAST! after that its a case of staying creative and keeping your page alive and engaging. You can see my page here

Do you have any burning questions about your salon or spa facebook fan page? drop me an email and I will be happy to help

You CAN facebook your way to more salon/spa profits..I am living proof of that.

Heres to your salon success



p.s take a look at my facebook course for salons & spas here on my site at if you think its something your salon will benefit from. 🙂