Recession….what Recession?

(Article as featured in Creative Head Magazine)

By our very basic human nature we are excuse makers. We make excuses every day for why things are not as we want them to be rather than take responsibility for creating our own future and success. We fear failure and make excuses so we can stay in our comfort zone.

As salon owners we are responsible for our own successes and failures but this is hard to swallow due to our basic human nature. It takes hard work and ‘extreme positive thinking’ to grow a successful business but unfortunately 98% of salons owners are held back by FEAR and use all the excuses in the book why they are struggling.

Here are a few favourites many of which I have used myself and still use today…my favourite ‘I don’t have time’. How many do YOU use?

  •         I can’t afford it
  •         I don’t have time
  •         It’s my location
  •         It’s my team they won’t listen
  •         My clients won’t pay that

 and boy oh boy do we love the recession excuse!

It’s our way out…to pass all blame elsewhere. Sound harsh? Maybe but it’s my truth and my opinion and it’s why I stopped making excuses to turn my own failing salon around

I even used the ‘recession ‘ to my best advantage and grew my own salon business 350% since 2009.

  •        If my staff don’t listen I find ways to change so they do
  •        If I am not banking enough I change how I do things until I am
  •        If something is not working I change it

I take full responsibility for the success of my salon…as well it’s failure when I was at rock bottom and nearly bankrupt in 2009. I have now made it possible for…

  •        A stylist to take £1200 in one day on services
  •        A stylist to take over £3400 in a 4 day week, 
  •        5k to be banked in 2 hours at an open night, 
  •        6 figures banked in a quarter,
  •        2466 new clients attracted last year,
  •        Clients to hand over £250 at one salon visit


All by changing my thoughts and beliefs & taking full responsibility for my failures…I stopped making excuses ,faced my fears TOOK ACTION…. will YOU?


Here's to your salon success