Conditioning Your Salon For Success
Starting up a salon business can be costly and ineffective if you do not have the right strategies. For this reason, I would like to give you some fundamental rules to apply to your salon marketing plan so that you can achieve optimal success in your venture.
Firstly, be flexible with clients. You might have a list of services you can provide (and the customer can clearly see these) but not everyone will want exactly what you’re offering in the salon. There is nothing more humiliating than to suggest to your hairdresser the style you would like to have, only to be faced with a bewildered look closely followed with a sigh at the idea of extra effort. 
Your salon employees have a responsibility to make the client happy – after all, going to a salon is just as much about the experience as the hairstyle. Remember that they are your main source of income so try to fulfil all of their pedantic requests with ease.  If you send them off feeling fully satisfied, you can guarantee they will return at a later date. These repeat clients will become your salon family, so look after them.
Secondly, ensure that the name of your salon reflects the image you are trying to project. For example, if your salon is called – ‘Prestige Hair’, make sure that your prices, professionalism and products are up to the same standard that is suggested. You cannot promote your business as a premium salon if it isn’t clean or doesn’t exude class on every level. In fact, choose a title that best suits the purpose, find a niche that you can capitalise on and tailor your brand name to it. 
If your salon is located in an area where students mainly live then pick a title that’s modern, funky and appeals to a younger audience. Basically, know your target market and act accordingly.
Lastly, be obvious. You can use strong colours in the interior design of your salon or be purposely minimalistic. It doesn’t matter as long as you ensure that your appearance makes a statement to the outside world. Never risk drowning in the sea of competing salons but rather rise above them and put your own stamp on it. This piece of advice extends throughout the whole set up of your salon. 
For instance, the name of your salon should be obvious and people should know immediately that it’s a hair salon. Don’t get trapped in the need to wrap people up in mystery or to sound really professional, instead focus on hard hitting brand names that say what they mean. Anything else risks the possibility of confusing the potential client and people like clarity, they like to know what they’re getting. 
If you follow these simple yet powerful salon marketing tips, you will condition your salon for success in the years to come.
Alan Forrest Smith & Caroline Sanderson