Want More Cash in your salon till? In any business it's all about the up sell.

Do you want to super size that?

Do you want garlic bread with that?

Do you want to try our chefs recommendation?

Do you want to grab another as its buy one get one free?


Everywhere we go we get it (usually in some robotic droan lol)


Are your staff fully trained in upselling and how much time do you put aside to train them in this fine art?

1hr a year and expect them to be up selling machines?

never and STILL expect them to be upselling machines?


Just look at the car show room for inspiration as these guys really know how to upsell.

We walk in to buy a car… but do we want the basic model?….um don't think so!. Once that car salesman starts on about the metallic paint..the leather interior….the top of the range DVD player …cruise control… for just and extra (xyz)which one do we want?

We push the budget to get the best VALUE.


The basic model or the deluxe premium model?


Our staff need CONTINUAL training and encouragement but once the 'get it'

…once your team REALLY get it….you will see your quiet days turn to packed columns but its up to

you to get it first and TRAIN them well as they will never care as much about your business as YOU do.

They need to know what's in it for them….and if they are driven enough (just like the car sales men)

they will become up-selling machines!


NEVER let your stylists stay in the attitude of 'what is in the appointment book in the morning is what there day is going to be'.


 My salon is back street and NOT city center

NO passing trade AT ALL so it was essential for me to train my staff in up selling.


Two cuts in a morning and the stylists column looks dead……upsell those two cuts  to colour and they have just turned the basic model into a deluxe style statement and its looking more like a fully booked morning column and the stylist  didn't even have to pound the streets with flyers to fill the gaps so they are delighted…the client is delighted ..and I am delighted


In Salon Jedi Academy I will be teaching you all about upselling and how to get your staff to 'get it' .


In the mean time, try upselling extra services at your salon tomorrow…


does your client usually have  a conditioning treatment?


"Hi would you like to go for a conditioning treatment today?"

or how about 

"Wait until I tell you about our Brand New "Premium Pamper Package" just launched"

can you see the difference? I know what i would want 😉


Add  extra value into the treatment like….it comes with:


'tingling head massage for rejuvenation'

'invigorating head massage for scalp stimulation'

' heat added in a hot wrap towel to intensify the shine'


none of the above costs you a penny but it adds perceived value to the service


Use your imagination and let it run wild in the salon over the next week and come back and tell

me how it went 🙂