Best Salon Consultant in the UK

Caroline Sanderson

Are you looking for the best salon consultant in the UK? Caroline Sanderson is the NO 1 most awarded Salon Business Consultant in the UK with best salon transformation stories under her belt.

Back in the 2019 recession Caroline herself almost closed her salon doors until she made a decision to transform her own salon business by adopting the best marketing consultantson the planet.

Caroline has personally worked with marketing consultants like Dan Kennedy and Chris Cardell as well as being mentored in mindset techniques from John Assaraf from the film the Secret and Andy Harrington UK.

Caroline has been consulting with salon owners like you teaching cutting edge marketing techniques since 2010. She was the first to create a Facebook Marketing course for Salon Owners and has 45,000 genuine Facebook likes to her salon business which she still runs to this day.

Caroline can consult with you and teach you her S.T.O.P Struggling Salon Solutions System which tackles the biggest salon problems for salon owners.

  • Staff
  • Time
  • Ourselves
  • Profits

All salon problems fall into these 4 categories and Caroline has created an easy to use solutions system which she has been teaching salons all over the world for years.

Her Super Salon Marketing System gets thousands of new clients into salons and can triple your salon business like it did her own when you choose her as your salon consultant.

Read our Success Stories here on our site. Kate from Fareham has doubled her salon turnover through mentoring with Caroline and now has a second salon due to her growth.

Caroline’s Annual Super Salon Summit is a must attend event if you are serious about growing your salon business and adopting a salon consultant.

Caroline’s consulting fee is usually £2000 a day however you can get close to her with personal 2 day salon coaching at Super Salon Summit Seminar. See our website for full details on all Caroline’s Salon Jedi salon business courses and consulting.

So if you are looking for the best NO1 most awarded salon consultant in the UK contact Caroline today at