With over 600 million users it can not be denied. Facebook marketing is here to stay so lets make the most of it and learn how to leverage it for HUGE salon profits.

Do you have a business profile page? Fan page ? Group?

What is the best for your salon?


Well how about I let you into a little secret. One that has EXPLODED my followers on facebook but most importantly flooded my salon with new clients and continued business.

I have both a profile page for my salon and a fan page. I keep my business profile seperate from my personal which I would suggest you do too.

Clients dont want to know what we had for breakfast they want to know what we can do for THEM. They want to know how they will FEEL as a client at our salon and that is what we have to keep telling them when we market to them

Here's  my  10 Hot Tips  for Facebook Marketing for

salons & spas


1. Create a salon profile page first …this should be seperate from your personal page. Use this page to add friends (or highly targeted prospects as I like to call them). You will find these in your local community pages and you can search for local people and request their friendship

2. Then, once friends, give these prospects a reason to 'like' your fan page. Keep refering your friends from your business profile to join your main fan page. Use it as a funnel to direct them to your fan page ….eg

BREAKING NEWS: Head over to our fan page at (link) to hear about our BRAND NEW top Designer James. His experience will blow you away.  Be sure to 'like' our page when you are there so you are the first to hear about our introductory offer with James. You will LOVE IT!

2. Get your staff involved. Get them to suggest your page to their friends and get them chatting to clients about the benefits of joining your page on facebook. Last minute stand by offers etc.

3. Tell all your existing clients about your page through direct mail…texts…email and posters around the salon. Give them a good reason to join your page like  EXCLUSIVE offers to facebook fans only

Learn how to write posts that SELL. You must keep your content interesting and your page alive. (My 5 part facebook profits course covers this in depth see the end of the post if you want to know more)

6 Have a mix of valuable info…salon news and offers on your page. If you are not generating serious salon growth from your page what is the point of doing it?

7 Encourage fans to get involved in your page. Ask them to comment on latest trends or do a hair advice week where they can ask about hair problems etc

8 Keep your page alive and post regular. People are more likely to visit often when they know there is always new content

9 Direct fans to your website every few posts where you can give them a more in depth picture of your salon and what you can do for them. This is a sure fire way to get more traffic to your site when you get huge numbers on your facebook page.

10 Answer any questions FAST and always try to get them into the salon for at least a consultaion…once there blow them away with your service and skills and your ongoing marketing and you will keep them forver


Try these strategies in your facebook marketing they WORK!

If you want know how to really crack Facebook Marketing for your salon check out my 5 part Video course. I make thousands each month from facebook and you can too by just following how I do it.

No techie skills needed 🙂


Heres to your packed salon



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